Gratia Plena at Palazzo Pretorio Museum

Compagnia rAn-network in collaborazione con The Loom Movement Factory

Gratia Plena

Site specific project

  • Choreography: Sara Nesti
  • Dance: Marilena Manfredi, Sara Nesti
  • Original Music by Edwin Lucchesi
  • Produced by The Loom Movement Factory

The site specific examines three Annunciations of the Palazzo Pretorio Museum collection.
Three choreographic scores are based, as a starting point, the tableau vivant, where the dancers are placed in the exact position of the characters of the opera, in a perfectly descriptive manner.
The audience will be led on a journey through the museum, and taken to look at the works in their contingency and humanity, through movement and sound.

The movement and the choreography does not represent an image overlay of the picture but, having originating from it, they then tend to break away in order to suggest to the viewer a reflection on the same scene of the Visitation. The presence, absence, allusion and illusion.

In collaboration with Proposte Creative.

Cost: 4 Euro, children 0-6 years free admission.

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