EmptyFull – study on emptiness

24/03/2012 ore 21.15
Teatro Comunale Vittorio Alfieri
Castenuovo Berardenga (SI)

Choreography: Sara Nesti
Dance: Olimpia Merciai
Video and Photo: Darragh Hehir
Costumes: rAn-network
Light Design: Sara Nesti

Thirty spokes joined at one hub;
emptiness makes the cart useful.
Clay cast into a pot;
the emptiness inside makes it useful.
Doors and windows cut to make a room;
emptiness make the room useful.
Thus being is beneficial
but usefulness comes from the void.


EmptyFull is a work on absence as essence, possibility and space.
Emptiness falls in its horizontality and softness, space to fill with space, in which one can move in a carefree state.
The fullness of the void and the strength of absense.

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